Quantum Trading Platinum Training Program

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Quantum Trading School International Presents

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Quantum Trading Platinum

Training Program in English


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The Quantum Trading distance-learning program which will teach you how earn consistently in financial markets  


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Forecasting High and Lows in advance. Dream or Reality? If you have read Fabio Oreste’s book Quantum Trading, published by J. Wiley & Sons, you will have clearly understood that financial markets are predictable. By using his forecasting model, based on the concepts of space curvature and quantum leap of prices in the PSpace, your trading operations can become very successful an you can accurately forecast medium  term Tops and Bottoms and short term Highs and Lows.

The Quantum Trading School (QTS), founded and directed by Fabio Oreste, offers a unique opportunity to study and learn how to efficiently apply the most advanced Quantum Trading (QT) techniques. By enrolling and participating to the distance learning QT Platinum Training Program you will be able to acquire this valuable knowledge without having to move from your home.

QT Platinum is a very ambitious one-year program that will allow you to master all QT proprietary techniques such as Quantum Price Lines (QPL) and Quantum Time Algos TAs  together with W.D. Gann’s undisclosed techniques.

This training and tutoring program represents a solid pathway to learn how to accurately forecast with the highest precision the majority of the highs and lows of Forex, commodities, stock indexes and crypto currencies. This is more than just a trading course. QT Platinum will teach you how become a professional trader with the capabilities needed to earn consistently in order achieve your personal and financial goals.

Learning how to accurately produce market forecasts through QT is one thing, but becoming a successful trader requires more. Our one-year learning and tutoring package, which will also provide you with our bespoke QT software, undoubtedly represents a unique opportunity for becoming a professional and successful traders.

By enrolling in the QT Platinum course Fabio Oreste will become your personal teacher, tutor and coach. This will offer you the unique opportunity to learn in close contact with a master trader. Through this tailored course you will be able to significantly improve your trading skills by taking advantage of Fabio’s expertise, developed in over 30 years of experience. The program will convey the knowledge gained in many years of work and research during which W.D. Gann’s techniques have been refined and developed in order to reach an unprecedented level of efficacy. It is not a course for everybody but an exclusive tailor-made training program only for few very motivated people who want really to know the secret key to constantly make profits.

W.D. Gann’s undisclosed techniques involve complex planetary algorithms. QT develops higher-level planetary algorithms that will be taught in a not coded way and go much further beyond Gann’s TTTa techniques. This has allowed us to undergo more profitable operations thanks to our increasingly accurate, efficient and quicker system compared to the one developed by Gann.

By enrolling in the QT Platinum one-year program you will able to acquire the most advanced techniques and two unique money management systems based on W.D. Gann’s approach to trading that we have dramatically improved. This learning process will allow you to reduce losses, improve your performance and earn consistently.

W.D. Gann teaches that Every movement in the market is the result of a natural law and of a Cause which exists long before the effect takes place and can be determined years in advance.

Quantum Trading School’s Platinum program will teach you how to achieve the complete financial independence necessary to fulfill your dreams and life goals. This is a unique opportunity to acquire the true knowledge of the forces that cause market movements.


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Special and unique features of the Distance Learning QT Platinum Program

  • 1 weekend lessons (Saturday and Sunday) every month for the first 2 months and afterwards one day a month  for a total of 10 full day skype lessons in one year. During the lessons many W.D. Gann and advanced QT techniques will be discussed together with their application to several markets. Students will enjoy frequent Q&A sessions  (approximately every 30 minutes). All sessions last 7 hours and include a 1-hour break (this is the usual full immersion live seminar formula that Fabio Oreste has been using for 18 years to successfully teach QT to his students)
  • One additional webinar lasting 1 hours and a half will be organized every month, for a total of 1o months. During these sessions we will apply what has been learnt in the previous lessons, with examples, trading ideas and forecasts for the following days and weeks on FX, commodities and stock indices.
  • The QT exclusive ‘Trading Chat’ on WhatsApp will provide students with an additional and helpful environment as well as the knowledge to further learn about the teachings of W.D. Gann and QT techniques. The frequent messages sent out by Fabio Oreste and his senior students will provide market entry signals, remarks on markets movements according to QT and trading ideas based on the techniques studied in the course. This represents an invaluable source of information for our students. New students will be encouraged to post their studies and ask questions in order to constantly improve their understanding of QT techniques.
  • Our dedicated software to quickly calculate QPLs and TAs is included in the QT Platinum Package.


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Our Special Money Management

  • QTP Money Management allow the trader to let grow his equity consistenly by experiencing very little drawdonw with respect to whatever other money management approach.Our QTP system has a Risk Reward Ratio  R:R=1:5 for trades lasting a few days, whilst this can increase up to R:R=1:10 and more for operations won Commodities. It’s now curial to establish how much 1 is worth as a percentage of our traded/trading capital, which we have deposited on our brokerage account. If we set a value for 1, we will also obtain the percentage value of 5 or 9, of the second R which corresponds to the expected profit.
  • IN the QTP system 1 is always = to 0.50% of our trading accountThis means we are placing a stop loss when we are risking a maximum of USD 50 every USD 10.000,  or USD 500 every USD 100.000 of capital you have in the accountThis will guarantee a continuous and constant growth of our capital with very low draw downs (and exponential growth) and buying pyramiding is applied.

 We aim to double our  capital year after year  We saw that with a R:R =1:5, and that 1=0.50% of your account, if your stop loss will be activated, you will only loose $50 every $10.000 to frequently earn $250 or even $500. Or you will only loose &500 for every single stop loss to earn $2500 or $5000 with a capital of $100.000

To double your capital every year you will only need to earn on 5 operations out of 10 (and not 7 every 10 as planned), by doing on average 2 operations every week for 11 months a year, so a total of 100 operations per year

Doubling your capital is possible because:  50x-0.50% = -25% which you will lose with stops that will be activated in 50 operations out of 100

While 50×2.50%= +125% that you will earn in the remaining 50 profitable operations

Thus 125%-25% = 100% every year with just 2 operations per week if you have a R:R=1:5 such as the one we have publicly demonstrated for years.

Or 100% every year with just 3-4 operations per months if you have a higher R:R such as the one we have publicly demonstrated for years on commodity trading.[/text_block]

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QTP Platinum Study Program

The Goal of Quantum Trading School (QTS) is to train professional traders or semi-professional traders who are able to pick most of short/medium term highs lows and trade the market just on  turning points and make consistent and constant profits.

Quantum Trading Power (QTP) is not just a way to analyse or trade the market but is a complete methodology that covers extensively:

  1. Money management system to consistently grow your equity with very little drawdown
  2. Advanced method of analysis to forecast top & bottom, highs & lows.
  3. Trading systems based on W.D. Gann and Proprietary QTP techniques such as QPL, advanced TA, Entelechy, Pyramiding and Stop & Reverse.

The method of analysis stems from the core of WD Gann’s secret techniques, but after 20 years of research  QTP goes still further beyond LOV and Gann’s “The Tunnel Thru The Air” tecniques in terms of speed and accuracy. In fact, QTP allows you to  forecast price and  time of High A, Bottom B, Top C, based on new planetary technologies, such as  planetary triangle, extraction of relevant Time Planetary Algos from tops/bottoms  which originate the next highs lows and other  advanced sideral planetary techniques top forecast short term swings. As for as price QPL special setting and selection, Gann’s Angle cross of a QPL for short and medium term swings,  Lunar QPL techniques for intraday trading and many others QTP proprietary techniques give Quantum Trader very powerful tecniques

You can divide the entire corpus of Gann Techniques in 4 groups or families of techniques:

1.Linear  2.Geometrical  3. Planetary  4. Cabalistic

Gann’s Linear main Techniques include 

a) Linear Price techniques: Overbalance, Range Retracement in eights (that is a complete elementary price trading system if you know the rules to trade each eights and their target etc)

b) Linear Time techniques: Master time factor 1.01 Time units Projection from highs lows (daily, weekly, monthly chart)  and Master time factor 1.02 based on long term cyclical approach.

Gann’s Geometrical Techniques include

  • The undisclosed key to correctly set Gann’s Fan in modern markets
  • The price time square theory
  • The key to know in advance when an angle is likely to offer support & resistance and when it will be penetrated by the price
  • The trading system based on Gann Angles, angles hard and soft
  • Range Square, of top and bottom
  • Intraday use of angles and price time squares

Gann’s Planetary tecniques include

  • Planetary lines
  • Planetary times algo
  • All together allow to make accurate forecast of top bottom, highs lows.

Gann’s Cabalistic techniques include

  • Several master charts based on numerologic development of his price time theory
  • Square of nine, wheel chart, exagon chart, 144 master charts.

Gann modern  experts use the master charts in different ways. However, W.D. Gann used them only by overlapping planetary movements and very few people in the world know exactly how to apply the planetary method to Master Charts correctly

Before learning Quantum Trading Power time (QT) and price (QPL) advanced techniques you need to learn WD Gann’s 3 first groups of techniques to forecast highs and lows.

1.Linear price time techniques  2.Geometrical price time techniques  3.Planetary price time techniques (LGP collectively)  as follows:

  • The real way WD Gann used LGP techniques   (sometimes quite different from modern Gann scholar and  TTTA interpretations)
  • QTP evolution of LGP techniques
  • How to trade markets combining LGP techniques all together to succefully forecast and trading top and bottoms, highs and lows, exactly like Gann used to do.

LGP tecniques are usually taught to Quantum Trading School  students in the 5 first levels of Platinum QT Program.

Each level is one full day 8 hours lessons.  Some Quantum Trading price tecniques such as QPLs,  Entelechy and Mapping and Trapping will be introduced  in the fourth and fifth level.

From level VI to X  Quantum Trading time planetary Algos will be taught to trade short, medium and long term.

You can test your knowledge and understading of Gann’s LGP techniques by solving these simple exercises:

  1. Take a look at Gold future chart and tell how you could easily forecast the bottom of august 2018 and the following big raise, by using Gann techniques. If you can do it in 5-10 minutes and you can replicate this analysis on many markets  you have a good knowledge and ability to forecast Tops & Bottoms by using   Gann’s LGP tecniques


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2.  Also study the following crude oil chart and tell how you could easily forecast the bottom of august June and October 2019 (point A and B) by using Gann techniques (excluding double bottom). If you can do it in 5-10 minutes   you have a good knowledge and ability to forecast Tops & Bottoms by using   Gann’s LGP tecniques


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If you are not able to solve the above mentioned problems you  need to study Gann’s LGP according to Quantum Trading School method that show you how W.D. Gann really forecasted and traded the market. In this way you will build up a strong knowledge of vibration low in order to master higher QTP planetary time price tecniques


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QT Platinum Program Schedule will start soon again in 2022

Ask info here:  [email protected]


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